Top Tips For Hosting A Party

Top Tips For Hosting A Party

1. Organise your guest list

Guests can make or break any dinner party, and it’s no different with a virtual gathering. Four or five is the ideal number; the banter will run freely without anybody feeling left out of the conversation. Too many guests mean people will be talking over each other, and with the odd inevitable blip or delay while live streaming, that’s really not want you want.

2. Agree a conferencing platform

Our tool of choice is Facebook’s Skype and Zoom Pro are also excellent. Make sure your guests have ample time to download the app and get acquainted with it before the dinner party.

3. Plan the menu

This is one the most important parts of the dinner party – the food and drink. If you’re all eating from the same menu, it amplifies that sense of unity. You and your guests need to set the tone for what you want. Do you want something laid back? If so, you could all order a pizza from your local take-away and debate the validity of pineapple as a topping. Or you could try everyone cooking the same dish from the same recipe and laugh at the results. A simple pasta dish would be a winner for something like this. Alcohol plays a big part, obviously, so why not see if you can all buy the same bottle of wine, especially if your local independent wine shop is delivering. Enjoy a mini wine tasting, or share tips on creating cracking cocktails with cupboard staples.

4. Have a dress code

Optional, but fun. If you’ve been living in the same jumper and ‘comfy pants’ for the last four days, dressing up could be just what you all need to lift the spirits. Go all out and send out a black tie dress code, or keep it lively with a 70s, pop icons, flower festival or beach party theme. No need to order in a fancy costume, just get creative with whatever’s lurking your cupboards. You probably won’t want to be using up valuable loo roll for the ol’ classic Egyptian mummy costume though…

5. Have fun!

Yes, the world is a bit scary at the moment, but nothing lifts the mood better than some good food and a get together with your friends. Catch up on all the latest gossip, check in on everyone, make sure they’re coping with the changes going on.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the doom and gloom of the current situation, but a couple of hours messing about on the internet with your friends works wonders for the soul.

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