Evaluate your video call setup


At Dinner@7 we want you to have as immersive and intimate a virtual dinner as possible. That's why we offer all our members a T-Score (Togetherness Score) evaluation. Using the T-Score system, we can give you some small tips to make the most of your virtual dinner party experience and increase togetherness between you and your fellow guests.

By making small changes to your existing video call setup, you'll be able to reach a new level of intimacy during your Dinner@7 virtual dinner party. These include being able to maintain eye contact and having your hands in shot, enabling even further communication and connection with other guests.

Answer the following questions for a full assessment of your setup and its ability to achieve togetherness on your video calls.

What device do you use to view your video calls? *
Where is your camera mounted? *
How high is your camera? *
How is your camera secured? *
Where does your sound come from? *
How are you lit? *
How is your camera device facing? *
Where are you sitting? *
What microphone are you using? *
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