Wooing Reluctant Guests

How to overcome resistance

The once-off party

Many people are reluctant to join a video call, either because they feel self-concious or they find the technology confusing to use.

Here are our top tips for overcoming their initial hesitation:

  1. Identify a once-off occasion for a trial run. A birthday party, for example, an event that everyone feels compelled to support.
  2. Limit the guest list. Four screens or less will give the best experience.
  3. Reassure your guests that all of the details will be taken care of. They just need to turn up.
  4. Go the extra mile with the technical setup to ensure that everyone enjoys the occasion and feels a true sense of togetherness.

Having experienced the fun of a well-organised virtual occasion, your guests will be all set to leverage these technologies in their daily lives as a way to overcome isolation.