About Us

Dinner@7 has been developed in Ireland as a way to reduce feelings of isolation for people who live alone, to help them feel connected to other people. 

We’re guided by our core beliefs:

  • Togetherness
  • Tradition
  • Passion
  • Connection
  • Communication

Our team share a passion for technology and human connection and how technology can be used to bring people together. We’ve turned this passion into a platform to ease isolation and increase their connection with others.

We believe that true togetherness can be achieved over a virtual dinner in the same way as over a traditional dinner. We have developed our T-Score page to evaluate your video call set-up’s ability to achieve togetherness and intimacy. With just a few small changes, your sense of togetherness can be improved.

We want to bring back the tradition of sitting down to have dinner together, not just on special occasions. For generations, families had dinner together every night and it was a way to connect with each other and share their days. We want to have a dinner option available every evening.

For us, a connection is more than just high-speed internet, it’s the way we interact with each other and form meaningful relationships with people. Dinner@7 guests will be joined by like-minded people so they can chat and have fun.

We understand that communication is more than verbal; it’s about facial expressions, hand gestures and reactions. That’s why our T-Score evaluates the position of your camera and your ability to have true communication and form true connections.

Meet the DINNER@7 team​

Mark Nolan

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Mark has over 20 years’ software industry experience in e-commerce, financial services and enterprise software development. Roles included Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager and Software Developer.

Fascinated by technology, he tried his first virtual dinner back in 2011. Wowed by the sense of intimacy achieved, he was keen to share the experience with others through Dinner@7.


Hugh Redmond

Through his site www.2Connect.ie, Hugh has been a matchmaker for over 10 years, putting the tradition back into dating and bringing people together to form meaningful connections.

With his passion for improving the dating scene with respect and romance, Hugh knew he could add a lot to the Dinner@7 team to offer a unique new way to meet like-minded people: a traditional dinner party over a video call.


Team member photo

Shauna Kelly-Lefevre

Based in Paris after working in several countries, Shauna was born in Athlone, raised in Dublin and loves mixing city and country lifestyles. An experienced coach and manager, Shauna truly values social interactions and knows how people empower people through inspirational encounters and conversations. In pursuit of these objectives, Shauna has instigated and participated in many group initiatives set up to enable communities deal with isolation and social distancing.   

With her passion for people, Shauna is delighted to join the team and brings a multi-national business dimension to Dinnerat7.com. She wants to leverage and challenge technology so that the Virtual World can offer everyone great opportunities to meet and engage while waiting to get to the other side, the Real World…..


Tzarina Middelkoop

Tzarina, having started out in Science, moved into the world of IT 15 years ago and has worked in this industry ever since. Beginning as a software developer, she progressed through many roles including Business Analyst, Project Manager and Programme Manager supporting various industry sectors.

With an eagerness to learn, and to use that knowledge to help others, she is currently persuing a degree in Psychotherapy, where togetherness and support are at the forefront.


Jean-Pierre Cuvelliez

Jean-Pierre Cuvelliez hails from Brussels, Belgium. He met Mark while in Ireland working in financial services. Convinced by him to switch to Information Technology, JP joined IBM working in clearing and settlement projects around the globe.

Later, with a group of partners, he formed Transwide, a transport logistics solution provider, then Darts-IP, a global intellectual property cases database.

He enjoys good food and is a reasonably gifted cook.